Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Photo Album

I am constantly amazed at the difference that organizing a section makes.

These books were put on randomly, the only exception being the far right where I clumped the "building your own home" books.

Check out what a differenc it made just to group the books by category (gardening, acrylics, beading, embellishing, floral arrangement, etc...) can make.

This one is for Protium. :)) And is my snerkiest section.

And this is for my new mate, Orion. It just seemed apt. :)

Upon previewing the post, I am wondering if the difference in the before and after pictures is too subtle for the civilian? But *I* can see the difference and it is just visually much more appealing to have the books unrandomized.


Orion77 said...

LOL, oh I needed that!

I love the mythology tag on the shelf edge. Any comments from shoppers, yet?

"Excuse me miss, but some children have been naughty and moved all of the books about our lord and saviour into the mythology section. Oh my, I'm feeling faint, I need to sit down. Its the parents fault, no discipline....."

Richard said...

Additional selections for the Mythology section:
¤ Mein Kampf
¤ A Critique of Pure Reason
¤ 毛主席语录
¤ The Communist Manifesto
¤ Qu'ran
¤ Torah - wrap this around the Qu'ran
¤ Philosophy Of Mind (Hegel)

You do seem to keep the spines nicely lined up. I pull the books part way out of the shelf, and then tap them back with the spine of a tall book, until they are just inside the shelf edge.

Richard said...

Evil Genius science projects sounds like something I could get interested in.

Re: science projects... very few are actual experiments, but are demonstrations. Very, very few science teachers have actually done more than University labs (recipes), and generally accept such recipes as if they were experiments. The child is far better off if his project is an actual experiment either testing a deductive hypothesis, or gathering data to produce an inductive conclusion.

Often these projects lack proper replication of the relevant treatments. Grade school students are quite capable of reporting basic stats such as mean etc. Some may 'get' the idea of variance and the basic T-test.

Richard said...

I neglected to click on the image of the mythology shelf, and now see that you have a Qu'ran. Good Start ¿snerk¿

Richard said...

That Orion book apparently meets Isaac Asimov's approval. That suggests it's pretty darn good! Hint: Orion77 might want to read it, and let us know if it is great or friggin' awesome.

Richard said...

Acacia did you put the elephants under the Acacia tree? I noticed that in your avatar image, they are off wandering the African veldt.

How about using Photoshop or MS-Word Word-Art to install a fine white line/edge around each letter of "Atheist Bookseller" on the home page image?

Acacia said...

Orion :)) Yes indeedily doo. At least I think it was that shelf that garnered the comment. Young guy came in with a friend in tow, he said to his buddy, "You've got to see this!" Then they disappeared into the corner with the Mythology section and left about a minute later snickering.

The erotica and the romance novels are not in that area of the shop, the only thing I could come up with was them laughing at my Mythology section. :D

Good fun.

Acacia said...

Richard, all the religious "non-fiction" books I have get put in the Mythology section. Unless they are completely whacked, in which case they gleefully go in the New Age section and tend to sell very quickly.

We didn't get the Evil Genius book merely had fun taking the picture. We're studying Earth Science this time around and got a book of simple experiments/demonstrations to go with the book we picked out.

They are 2 different trees. I googled "Acacia tree sunset" and picked the coolest silhouette. I rather like the hidden nature of the "Atheist" part of the title of the blog. It's subtle and not in your face, but definitely there. Kind of like the shop. Anything Christian is in a weird spot. The Christian fiction is either on the bottom most shelf or the top shelf on a unit with Horror, True Crime and New Age. Christian Non-Fiction is kept in the Mythology Section.


Richard said...

Oh, yes!! The Bahble in the Horror Section... Wonderful!

Here is another useful book:
Execution and Invention: Death Penalty Discourse in Early Rabbinic and Christian Cultures.

The Bible and Torah focus on the proper Stoning 'process' over and above burning, decapitation & strangulation. So much so, that while everyone knew the holy requirements of stoning methodology, they could only guess how to apply the same methods to the other methods.

My real point: these filthy beliefs are not only those of Islam, they are those of Judaism and Christianity too. THAT is the nature of religion.

Fortunately, the Western Renaissance suppressed that latter two. Muslims remain the last large scale culture to retain such hatred of life, and women, that no moral crime is too great for them to gleefully indulge: "I'm an Imam and I keep my wife and five maids under house arrest. Better yet, I rape each one by turn, and beat the snot out of any who complain...Allāhu Akbar, pbuh

The utter ignorance of Christians (which is my background) includes their discomfort with "Allāhu Akbar", even as they joyously sing "Hallalujah" in church, especially at Easter and Xmas.

"Hallalujah" means, ... wait for it



"Praise ye the Lord"

"Jah" being "Jehovah".

"Praise ye the Lord"? "God is great"? Yep, there is a huge cultural gap between these two groups of neanderthal minds.

What particular galls me, is they use the Internet to further spread their insanity! It's like having a website explaining the proper chant witch doctors should use to cure malaria.