Monday, December 14, 2009

moral dillema

Got a laundry basket full of trade today. Mostly paperbacks. One interesting book on the Story of Mathematics by Richard Man-Kiwi. *snerk* Ok, it wasn't Man-Kiwi but that's what it looks like. Mankiewicz if you really must know. :D Pardon me, I think my dork is showing. I love nerdy books like maths and history. Ohhhh and evolution. Mmmmmmmmm In fact, I'm reading a particularly interesting one right now called... In the Age of Mankind: A Smithsonian Book of Human Evolution. Cool As!!!!!!!!!!!!

What caught my eye about this basket full of books wasn't the plethora of mysteries and Patterson novels or Ann Rule paperbacks, but was rather the Calculus book at the bottom. Normally I pass over maths books that don't come with the answer key, what good are they if you don't know if you completed the problem correctly?

OOoohhhhhhh the InterNATIONAL edition. Funky. Wonder what the copyright is. 2009. NINE? WOW!!!!! Wonder if you can order the teacher's edition online? Ummmm... Hello? Amazon? Nothing? The most recent copy on there for that title by that author is 2007. How is it I'm holding a 2009 and they've never heard of it? I enter in all 3 authors, still nothing there. I back out to google and give it a whirl. Most of the web pages come up in a language other than English. Doesn't the world speak english? Haven't we progressed beyond the need for seperate languages? *snerk*

Flip the book over and...

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool!!!!! "Wrongfully imported" Ohhhhh did I want to ask her where she got this book and how and why and oohhhhhhhhh. I wonder if I put $5 on it and put it on the shelves, how long it will take NAFTA and Homeland Security and the FBI and the CIA to come busting down my door oozies at the ready tasers in hand. Whew.

What to do. What to do????