Monday, December 14, 2009

moral dillema

Got a laundry basket full of trade today. Mostly paperbacks. One interesting book on the Story of Mathematics by Richard Man-Kiwi. *snerk* Ok, it wasn't Man-Kiwi but that's what it looks like. Mankiewicz if you really must know. :D Pardon me, I think my dork is showing. I love nerdy books like maths and history. Ohhhh and evolution. Mmmmmmmmm In fact, I'm reading a particularly interesting one right now called... In the Age of Mankind: A Smithsonian Book of Human Evolution. Cool As!!!!!!!!!!!!

What caught my eye about this basket full of books wasn't the plethora of mysteries and Patterson novels or Ann Rule paperbacks, but was rather the Calculus book at the bottom. Normally I pass over maths books that don't come with the answer key, what good are they if you don't know if you completed the problem correctly?

OOoohhhhhhh the InterNATIONAL edition. Funky. Wonder what the copyright is. 2009. NINE? WOW!!!!! Wonder if you can order the teacher's edition online? Ummmm... Hello? Amazon? Nothing? The most recent copy on there for that title by that author is 2007. How is it I'm holding a 2009 and they've never heard of it? I enter in all 3 authors, still nothing there. I back out to google and give it a whirl. Most of the web pages come up in a language other than English. Doesn't the world speak english? Haven't we progressed beyond the need for seperate languages? *snerk*

Flip the book over and...

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool!!!!! "Wrongfully imported" Ohhhhh did I want to ask her where she got this book and how and why and oohhhhhhhhh. I wonder if I put $5 on it and put it on the shelves, how long it will take NAFTA and Homeland Security and the FBI and the CIA to come busting down my door oozies at the ready tasers in hand. Whew.

What to do. What to do????

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tips on Trading in Books

Please take special note of the condition of your books.

Those black flecks are dead bugs. That smell- mothballs.

Ummmm.... ew!

I will tape the odd slightly torn cover and put the book out for sale. But if the book has been torn completely in half?


Dirty, stained or mildewy is also a no-go.

Thanks, but... No thanks!

The golf ball was a nice touch. Added a festive touch to the whole experience.

It's been an hour and my scalp still itches. Back behind my right ear. That better not have ANYTHING to do with those books.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Be afraid, be very afraid

Was looking at Barnes & Noble for a good science book to capture my son's attention and imagination and this is what he wanted to get.



Photo Album

I am constantly amazed at the difference that organizing a section makes.

These books were put on randomly, the only exception being the far right where I clumped the "building your own home" books.

Check out what a differenc it made just to group the books by category (gardening, acrylics, beading, embellishing, floral arrangement, etc...) can make.

This one is for Protium. :)) And is my snerkiest section.

And this is for my new mate, Orion. It just seemed apt. :)

Upon previewing the post, I am wondering if the difference in the before and after pictures is too subtle for the civilian? But *I* can see the difference and it is just visually much more appealing to have the books unrandomized.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Lolz with Mother Goose

The Man in Our Town
There was a man in our town,
And he was wondrous wise,
He jumped into a bramble bush,
And scratched out both his eyes;
But when he saw his eyes were out,
With all his might and main,
He jumped into another bush,
And scratched 'em in again.

Scientology makes an appearance

Scientology is making her first visit for the day. She has $1 in credit and hubby in tow. She picked out

marked at $2.50 and hubby paid the difference.

Find out what's really happening in your life and the lives of those around you. Is he really unstable beneath that placid exterior? Is she marrying you for your money alone? When should you give a wayward spouse the benefit of the doubt? How can you adjust your inner moods to your best advantage, knowing when to push and when to pull back, when to speak up and when to shut up? What is the best time to ask your boss for that raise, your girl for her heart and hand, your brother-in-law for a loan? Learn all this and much, much more from the world-famous astrologer who has helped millions divine their way to happiness, love, and profit by studying the sun signs. Amaze your friends and yourself with your insight into their most hidden characteristics. Be the best that you can possibly be with -- "Sun Signs.

I wonder if this will help her find the answers she is looking for?

Stay tuned for further Scientology news. :))

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Meet the Players: Rasta Man

ZOMG dude. Seriously. I don't know why you felt it was necessary to put the entire container of scent on your person, but daaaaayyuummmm. I was told that some people use a scented product in their dreadlocks to cover up the unwashed smell. Whatever that was, it was eye watering. Hours later and the smell still filled the store. With the door open and the fan running. YIKES!!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dr. James Dobson Parents' Answer Book

New Improved Cover Art

A big ole fuck you to "Dr." Dobson who thinks kids should be spanked.

Worst Cover Ever: Round 1

"Dragonsinger" by Anne McCaffrey is one of my all time favorite books in the Sci-Fi genre. It's a part of her Dragon Rider's of Pern series, which I consider to be her best work.

But this cover makes it look like a horror novel and (typical of all bad covers) doesn't even come close to being accurate within the context of the story itself. Look at that hair!!!! Honestly, wtf???? No self respecting musician (which Menolly was) would keep their instruments propped as scenery around her bed. Which wasn't a bed in a box, but rather 2 cots tied together, nor was it in a stone alcove. And don't even get me started on her firelizards. Not. Even. Close.

Cover art by Rowena Morrill = FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, July 10, 2009

favorite question

C- Hi, do you have any Nora Roberts?

Acacia- Yep, sure do. Do you prefer her mysteries or romance?

C- Ummm, both.

Acacia- Ok, we've got 17 of her romance novels and 4 of her mysteries.

C- Oh. Well I'm just looking for one book in particular.


Meet the Players: Scientology

Scientology is my most frequent customer. She comes in about 3 days per week and averages 3 visits on each of those days.

The first time I saw Scientology, she came in with her husband and a stack of brand new, hardly been read books direct from the Scientology website. In the course of talking with her and her husband I learned that the books had been purchased at a garage sale. Third hand Scientology books and basically never been read. *snerk*

Scientology seems to be searching for answers. She started with Scientology, has worked her way through most of my New Age / Mythology section including Wiccan, Catholicism, and even poetry.

She brings in books to trade, then will come back the next day and buy some of them back. Sometimes with her husband, sometimes alone. Sometimes she even changes clothes between same day visits.

I'd think she was stalking me, except that she hardly says 3 words, I have to ask leading yes/no type questions and barely get a nod in response.

I feel bad for her and a whole lot of WTF?????

I wish her husband would just let me know what is going on with her.

Very strange. More about her as things continue. This is one I wish I'd been posting about from the beginning.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Howdy, welcome to my shop

I am an atheist bookseller (I bet you picked up on that) and this is my blog. (Really shocking you now I bet). :P

I'm sarcastic, silly, and need to get a few things off my chest. Like my cats. Actually not, I wish my cats were on me. Actually I wish I had a man on me, but that's neither here nor there.

I'd like to thank Orion77 for the spark that lit the flame that turned into me blogging again. Cheers mate! You are 1 in a million. Actually, you are one in 21,760, 570. :)

I plan on introducing the cast of characters (i.e. regulars) that visit my shop and sending periodic updates direct from my mobile phone as the days progress and the madness ensues.

Hope you enjoy the show!