Sunday, July 12, 2009

Meet the Players: Rasta Man

ZOMG dude. Seriously. I don't know why you felt it was necessary to put the entire container of scent on your person, but daaaaayyuummmm. I was told that some people use a scented product in their dreadlocks to cover up the unwashed smell. Whatever that was, it was eye watering. Hours later and the smell still filled the store. With the door open and the fan running. YIKES!!!!


Orion77 said...

I think the hair scenting line is a diversionary line, put out there by the Rastas to hide their real motivation. Blocking the smell of the gunja.

Where does he browse in the shop, the gardening, hydroponics and lighting sections? Don't tell me the romance section!

Acacia said...

LOL!!!! The new age section along with sci-fi/fantasy. He says that people shouldn't read romances they should create their own in real life.

Did you see Pirates of the Carribean "Dead Man's Chest"? The pirate whose hair was always on fire?? His dreads looked much like that. Maybe they were imbued with incense and awaiting the flame.

Although the gunja is entirely probable as well. :))

Richard said...

Hey! My ex-wife still gags me to death with her 'scent'. "Oh God, I just inhaled" ...death is imminent. Yep, it is that bad!

Why do women think that if their nails are nice, their shoes are nice, their hair is nice, their eye make up is nice, their dress is nice, that their fucking slack, fat, lazy, dysfunctional, body must also be nice?

Give me a break. Hey guys, stop falling for that bull. If their view of their body is only cosmetic, then do NOT adopt the same view. Find the woman who is genuine, and not so superficial. Those others are NOT good!