Friday, July 10, 2009

Meet the Players: Scientology

Scientology is my most frequent customer. She comes in about 3 days per week and averages 3 visits on each of those days.

The first time I saw Scientology, she came in with her husband and a stack of brand new, hardly been read books direct from the Scientology website. In the course of talking with her and her husband I learned that the books had been purchased at a garage sale. Third hand Scientology books and basically never been read. *snerk*

Scientology seems to be searching for answers. She started with Scientology, has worked her way through most of my New Age / Mythology section including Wiccan, Catholicism, and even poetry.

She brings in books to trade, then will come back the next day and buy some of them back. Sometimes with her husband, sometimes alone. Sometimes she even changes clothes between same day visits.

I'd think she was stalking me, except that she hardly says 3 words, I have to ask leading yes/no type questions and barely get a nod in response.

I feel bad for her and a whole lot of WTF?????

I wish her husband would just let me know what is going on with her.

Very strange. More about her as things continue. This is one I wish I'd been posting about from the beginning.


Orion77 said...

Old crone, hair in bun, wart on nose, cardigan buttoned up to the throat?

The same day clothes changing is freaky. I take it you are ruling out the possibility of her and her husband having sweaty passionate sex on the hour, every hour, requiring the described wardrobe change?

Next time she walks into the store, imagine her and her husband, naked, smeared in baby oil, locked at the waist, grinding & thrusting like wild animals.

Will you do that for me?

Acacia said...

You want me to imagine an Old crone, hair in bun, wart on nose, cardigan buttoned up to the throat with her equally wrinkly husband completely naked, smeared in baby oil, locked at the waist, grinding & thrusting like wild animals.


Ummmm I'd really rather not.

I think I'd rather look at pictures of a dude and a shemale 69ing each other. Fortunately I know just the place to find that particular image.

*snerk* ;)

July 11, 2009 5:57 PM

Orion77 said...

Bloody hell, that was quick! I only clicked publish 30 seconds ago!

Clearly you are offended by baby oil, so you can leave that out of your mental picture. All else however, must remain!

Acacia said...

Only the best for Orion. :)

It shall be as you commend.

Acacia said...

*snerk* "command"

Orion77 said...

"And he was pleased with the mischief he hath sowed."

Richard said...

"Sowing" is a heck of a process. It requires "bags" of seed, well planned "injection tools" (that some know as "seeders"), and a powerful tractor driving the process.

Of course, the receiving medium (soil), requires careful and gentle manipulation. Every inch must be loosened with care, softly turned over and moistened, such that all resistance to germination becomes receptive.

It is, the gentle, life arousing, kiss of life.

Abandon the loose sweater, reject the collared strictures, tear them away and drive the seed tool home.

For all of evolutionary history, it was the crop that mattered. For mankind, it is not the crop, it is the act, as an affirmation of life, not as the mindless species extension it once was.

They used to say, "Fighting for Peace is like Fucking for Virginity", well I say, "Fucking for Love, is Fucking for Life."

(Please check out the above links to the specific quotes. The first quotation presented on the the first visible web page may not apply, so please scroll down to those quotations that do.)

Pleasure IS the best reason for living. Pursue it, without cheating others (such as one's children). Pursue it, unabashedly. Pursue it, by complex planning, or by short term opportunity, but DO pursue it.